Name: Joan Marie Laurer Date of birth: December 27th 1970 Hometown: Rochester, New York, USA Nationality: American Occupation: Model/Actress Height: 5'10'' Weight: 170 lbs.
"The balls are in my court and I just might rip 'em off, and step on 'em!" - Chyna Chyna Info Has one sister, Kathy, and one brother, Sonny. Her sister is five years older and Joanie says she's her best friend and "like a mother". Joanie and Kathy used to work out together, wrestle each other, and at one point Kathy was considering getting into wrestling too. Her mother, Janet, had "revolving door marriages" and her father, Joseph, was an alcoholic. She has no contact with her parents and says she wouldn't want to ever be around them. She describes it as "a very dysfunctional family". Was kicked out of her house when she was 15 and traveled around Europe while living on her own. She won a scholarship to the University of Tampa and graduated in two years with a 3.8 GPA.

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